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Tesla Battery Services

Amped Tesla Solar Battery Services

Amped Electrical provides professional Tesla Battery Services including Tesla battery installations and solar panel installations.

We at Amped do all steps needed to install your home Tesla Powerwall Battery system.  The steps include...

1. Install solar panels.  If you already have solar panels that's fine too
2. Install the Tesla Powerwall Battery
3. Install the inverter
4. Install the electrical panel
5. Install the backup panel and switch
6. Connect everything together

The Tesla Home Battery is called the Tesla Powerwall.  These are batteries that use your solar panels to backup your electrical supply.  Making it possible to go off grid.  See more...

The Tesla Superchargers are the fastest charging stations in the world.  These amazing electric car charging systems may change the electric vehicle world.  See more...

How does the Tesla Battery work?

The powerwall system comes with solar panels, the powerwall battery, an inverter to convert the electricity from a direct current to a alternating current, a battery charge meter, an electricity backup and another circuit to power your main appliances. Some things are not needed depending on your home battery usage.

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